Sunday, April 20, 2008

the house, circa 1995

Our new neighbors across the street found a picture of our house in a cabinet.. take a look!

This is what our old neighbors had to look out at every day.. can you imagine?

I made my CSI attempt at beefing up the date at the bottom left (they make it look so easy!) The last digit is either a 5 or a 9, and since the digit before is definitely a 9 and it looks different, I'm going with 5.
So this picture was taken August 3, 1995

Aside from the layer of filth, there are a couple interesting things in this picture. The whole front stair is rotting out and the post which we just discovered is completely rotten isn't even there! That would mean it was put in when the stairs were rebuilt in 1996. We've just replaced the stairs, and we're going to need to replace that post this summer.

This reminds me.. we need to finish power-washing the house so it doesn't wind up looking like this again!

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