Sunday, May 18, 2008

back to the grind..

Another full day of grinding nails and stapling up aluminum thin fins, and we're still not done with either.
<-- Check out how filthy we are, and this was only in about the middle of the day! But those dust masks are doing a great job.. as dirty as they look in this picture, the air we were breathing was nice and fresh. And sweaty.. But aren't our his and hers grinders cute?? We went to pick up another grinder so both of us could cut off nails at the same time, and the Bosch 4.5 incher we were looking at was buy one get one free!! Someday we'll have some free time to play with metal again, and an extra grinder (or two) will come in handy. Meanwhile, the new grinders went much faster than the 4" Makita we have..

The irony of installing heat in the middle of a heat wave hasn't been lost on us.. but come January this place better be toasty!

Just past Dan in this picture is the bumpout in the living room, which extends past the downstairs wall by about 3'. We were thinking we might need to pry off the exterior siding underneath it to cutoff the nails and staple up the fins, but Dan was able to reach pretty far out with the grinder. We might need to expose the last foot or so, but we'll see if we can't get it all done without opening up the exterior.

One thing we noticed today was how the little scaldingly hot bits of nails we're cutting off look just like little rat turds falling from the ceiling. It brings back the whole nightmare of pulling down the ceilings in a shower of rat poop, with the extra bonus of getting burned by them as they fall!!

I started on the other side of the room, and worked towards where Dan has been..

I made it back to where Dan had started, so I thought we were done with the nails and picked up my friend, the pneumatic staple gun.. turns out that was wishful thinking, and 2 joist bays over was another forest of nails. But Dan took pity on me and finished that off while I stapled up fins.

I got through most of the rest of the hallway and the bathroom, and then we had a little stream of neighbors stopping by to say hello and give us a pep talk. We just couldn't bring ourselves to lift our arms anymore, so we called it a day. Man, we're out of shape!

We've had a few people come by to talk about the kitchen.. one was a design-build company to get an idea of how much it would cost to have someone come in and do everything. During the course of the conversation though, we started realizing a) just how far along we are, and how there's not really as much as we thought to be decided on, and b) how little there really is for someone else to do. Breaking the job down into the chunks we'd want them to do it got down to such a small bit that would still cost so much that it's just not going to happen.

We also had an interior designer come by, who we may see if she's interested in doing just some sketches for us. We're more interested in the ideas than a full design package for the whole house.. plus, we were a little put off that when we tried to show her the scrapbook of pictures from our old house to give her an idea of our style and what we were capable of building, she had no interest in it at all.

We did have a couple of ideas for making more space in the kitchen, but that'll be a post for another day.

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wrudiger said...

Irene & Dan,

May not be exactly what you are looking for, but I can very highly recommend Ann Marie Celona (510)420-1128. She's a Berkeley Architect who is extremely well versed in the vernacular of your era - one job for a friend she turned 3 little rooms into one and made it look like it was designed that way 100 yrs ago. And... she really listens and wants whatever she does to both harmonize with the overall space and with her client's personalities.

I did design-build for a number of years but couldn't come up with something that would work in my space. Her solution draws raves from everyone who sees it.
Best of luck, and thanks for keeping us posted on the progress!

Wayne (wrudiger on Breaktime)

p.s. Your overhead labor of love reminds me of when my folks stripped and whitewashed their entire knotty pine kitchen / dining / family room ceiling - every evening after work + weekends for weeks on end. Still looks great 30 yrs later.