Friday, May 23, 2008

the Doors

Our doors are here!!!

The 6-8 week lead time turned into about 4 months.. first, it was impossible to get anyone to actually order them for us because we wanted 7" doors and that was apparently a difficult part number to find.

So Dan found the part number himself, and then it only took another couple weeks to get someone to actually place the order because apparently pricing was equally difficult to get. (The Simpson rep Dan talked to was interested to hear how challenging it was for us to buy his product.. )

Then, once the doors were ordered, it took another 10 weeks for them to show up. I called the day after they were due in and was told they'd be in the following week. ("great news! your doors will be here Wednesday!")

Thursday of the following week I called to find out if they were in and was told they'd be in next Tuesday in a similar happy, "great news!" tone of voice. (noticing a trend here??) We had one more go-around, but finally got the call that the doors had arrived!

<-- Apparently it was this guy right here causing the problem. It had arrived to the distributor all busted up, so the distributor held all the doors until Simpson was able to ship another one out. This is the only door we bought pre-hung, because we had to. It's the interior door between the garage/workshop, so it had to be 1 hour fire-rated, with self-closing hinges. Fancy, right? Heavy, too..

.. and really pretty!

<-- These are the 2 exterior doors for downstairs. We'll probably put some opaque film on the glass for the one at the front of the house, but we wanted to let more light into what is essentially a basement. We'll be staining these this weekend, and putting on a couple coats of marine spar varnish. Everyone seems to be surprised that we're not going to paint them.. but what's the point of having this beautiful wood if we're just going to slap a coat of paint on?! As it is, I've got a lot of work ahead to get all the years of white paint off the gorgeous molding in the rest of the house, I'm certainly not going to paint the one thing we have that's not already covered in it.

And we'll finally get to use the beautiful hinges!!
I got these from House of Antique Hardware in February! They're super-beefy, and so pretty!!

They don't match the hinges in the rest of the house exactly.. but the hinges in the rest of the house don't match each other anyway! I figure if the hinges and knobs on each floor match, no one will ever notice they're not the same as the ones on a different floor.

No one but me may notice the hinges at all anyway.. but I just have a thing for pretty hinges. Just look at how cool these are! And the feel super-solid!

Right. So.. it's not just hinges.. I've been plotting to get rid of the shiny brass knobs on the doors every since we had to install them to keep the evil grandkids out

These are from Nostalgic Warehouse, which makes some really nice reproduction hardware. Since we were getting new doors, I decided it would be much easier to deal with modern latches instead of mortising the doors.
I bought them from Shop4Classics online, because they had backplates with a fake keyhole cutout (I just LOVE that!!!)

And while I was at it, I picked up a matching handle for the front door. A "grand entry set," if you will.. this way I was able to get all the locks keyed alike.

I've been staring at this stuff for months, so it's very exciting to think that they'll finally be on doors! Plus, our super-classy plywood exterior will be replaced by actual doors that fill the entire doorway, and have actual doorknobs on them.

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Kitt said...

Hooray! Can't wait to see what they all look like installed. The hardware is beautiful. I don't think it needs to be all matchy-matchy. With stuff that nice, you could have a different pattern on every door and it would still look terrific.