Thursday, May 15, 2008

Help! We need design help!

We are realizing that he have to step up our time table for remodeling-restoring our house. We can't afford to have it go on for-ever. The first step in having a project not go on forever is of course to have a well thought out overall plan......we don't have one of those yet we could use a lot of help. Please see the illustrations and notes below.

If we use one of your ideas you will receive a super-fabulous Chez Neumansky themed prize!

Here's the first floor of our house. We have to call it 'unit A' cause the city considers the house a tri-plex with each level being a separate unit. So, the bottom floor is Unit A the middle floor is Unit B and the top floor is Unit C.

<- Here's the bottom floor. This is the floor we just reconfigured when we re-did the foundation. This floor is pretty set in stone at this point but we are open for ideas on how to get an interior stair up to the 2nd level. This pic shows a spiral stair in the laundry area but we are not married to that idea, that's just the best idea we could come up with...

<-Here's the middle floor of the house. Here we need major help in the kitchen area. We need to figure out how to fit everything in there. We need it to be an eat-in kitchen also and fit a 5'by3' table. We are not against moving-changing windows-walls-doors to make the kitchen work.
We also need to figure out how to get a stair down to the bottom level with out totally screwing up the flow and original character of the house. The kitchen and sun porch have already been stripped of any original details, those rooms can be changed the most. The Front two rooms and bedroom are original and we are loath to mess with them too much.

<- Here's the top floor of the house. Remember we gutted this floor in the de-stankification of the house. This shows our proposed idea for a bathroom but we are open to new ideas.
Basically, we want the top floor to function as our 'master bedroom retreat' (man I sound like I am trying to sell a house in Danville). To us that means a bedroom, an office-den, a bathroom and lots of storage.
Irene does not like the set-up shown above because when one person gets up way earlier than the other they have to walk over to the closet area, then walk back over across the bedroom to get to the bathroom. She thinks that it will be impossible to not piss off the person still trying to sleep....since that person is usually me she might be right....
So that's it we would appreciate any useful suggestions that y'all have. If you are really interested I have pdfs of the floors above also but I can't figure out how to put them on the blog for downloading? If you would like the pdf versions please send me an email and I'll mail 'em right out to ya.


Kevy said...

Since no one posted about this I will. ;)

I'm no interior designer but I know what I like in a house and that is open space. It almost seems like Unit B could be opened up a lot while still keeping the Vicotrian feel. You've got a lot of doors on that floor too. They take up a lot of square footage.

You might look at completely knocking out the wall between the entry hallway, parlour and living room all the way up to the chimney. Not sure if you were really into keeping the panel doors from the living room or not but if you don't anticipate using them much it might be nice to just throw that space wide open. You might need a support column somewhere I guess but that can look decorative and be functional. I'd lose the door and frame into the kitchen from the hallway as well.

Next, I'd move the wall between the kitchen and Bedroom so that it runs flush with the doorway to the sun room. This would make the bedroom a bit smaller but would buy you a lot of kitchen space. If you've already knocked out the hallway walls you could refashion the bedroom door so it's not almost in the kitchen but rather it could face the living room a bit more.

My folks have just done a lot of remodeling (their house is more modern) but what they did with their kitchen is FANTASTIC. Instead of cabinets from the waist down they had big drawers built. (Custom sized to fit the pots and pans) That way they don't have to hunch down to look & reach for things in the back of the cabinet! It's totally brilliant. I'm doing it for sure when we get to buy a place some day.

splintergroupie said...

Have you considered radiant WALL heating for the master bedroom? You install it just like you do in the joist bays, except in the stud bays. No hassles matching the paint colors and no clunky radiators to collect dust and hair.