Monday, May 26, 2008

How to kill a 3 day weekend in 3 easy steps

The plan this weekend was to stain and seal the doors and finish putting up the thin fin for the radiant staple up heat in the front part of the house. Final result: doors are stained, sealed on one side, and the thin fin under the hallway and bathroom is done. How could it possibly take so long to finish 4 doors?? (and for those of you counting along at home, we're saving the pre-hung self closing door to finish after it's installed.. it's an interior door, and since it's already hung it won't really be any different to finish it in place)

So the problem was, ss it turns out, water-based spar varnish takes a minimum of 4 coats. FOUR coats!! are they crazy?!?

So, it wound up taking all weekend, and we're still not done..

First we cleaned a room out and set up a mess of sawhorses, then cleaned off the doors with denatured alcohol to get all the greasy fingerprints off.

Then we lightly sanded all the doors, vacuumed up the dust, and wiped them down again.

Next up was the stain.
We went with a minwax waterbased stain in Rosewood.

It didn't come out as red as we were hoping it would, but it looks pretty nice.

Here they all are Saturday evening after being stained, before we started with the clear coat.

Sunday morning bright and early we started with the first coat of spar varnish. The water based stuff dries much faster than the oil based version, so we had a hard time moving fast enough to not wind up with lap marks.

But with 3 more coats to go, there was plenty of time to work out those lap marks..

After each coat we waited a couple hours, then sanded off the high spots..

..then vacuumed, wiped them down with a wet rag and brushed on another coat..


We only managed to get 3 coats on on Sunday, and were thinking we might've been able to get away with that.. at least on the interior doors. But we looked at them this morning and they definitely needed another. So we sanded them down, cleaned up, and got a lovely smooth coat on that looks a million times better, and that I have no pictures of. sorry! But we closed off the room with plastic so we could work in the garage and I didn't go back in.

We got a little further with the staple up (I'm still averaging about 40% of the staples going clean through, but in small doses it's less frustrating), and then we decided we'd earned a little fun and headed over to the newly refurbished Alameda Theatre for a movie. The 1932 theater hasn't shown a movie since 1977, and it opened this weekend after a beautiful restoration.

So it looks like this week after work will see a coat of varnish a night.

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Kitt said...

That's a lot of work! But it'll last a lifetime or two.

How'd you like the theater? I can't wait to see it. BF went to see Casablanca there the other night. They're offering free showings for while.