Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kitchen Design Ideas part 6 million

Okay so our post asking for design help ideas went over like a lead balloon
We wanted to share with y'all where we are with the kitchen remodel ideas.
We've talked to several designers, a design-builder and we've got several more in the chamber ready to be interviewed.

Here's the exact existing layout of the room which will be our kitchen.
Now with dimensions!!! The big giant windows are great for morning light but they are a pain to plan around! That and the window on the south wall is to dang close to the corner.

Here's our best attempt so far at a realistic remodel. The whole bump-out idea from earlier was kinda quashed by reality....We managed to get a little bit more space in the kitchen by squeezing down the chimney chase by 6" and removing half of it. Now its an AV cabinet and a small chase to run wires to the top floor. This also freed up enough space for us to put a corner china cabinet in the spot. Now we have somewhere to put our fancy wedding china and glasses...if we can find them Notice also that the wall between the bedroom and kitchen has been pushed into the bedroom 21". By moving the walls we gained 30 sq ft not fabulous but not horrible either. It makes the bedroom smaller but we think still quite livable with the 10' ceilings. We still plan on recessing the fridge into the wall so that its flush with the counters. Along the back wall we also moved the existing window away from the wall to allow for a corner wall cabinet. We did a mirror image window and cabinet on this same wall. Now the stove is flanked by windows with a view to the backyard.

Here's a shot looking into the room from standing in front of the stove. You can see the china hutch in the newly made corner. That weird pattern on the ceiling is my attempt to make it look like a tin ceiling with my cheap-o home design program. Lots of counter and cabinet space here.

Here's the view from the sink looking to the left. Not sure about the glass door into the sunporch its just a thought. It is a 'sunporch' and we might want to let light in from that direction. This also shows the new window we added to match the existing window on this wall.

Here's the view from the table looking at the fridge side of the room. In this version the fridge and pantry cabs run all the way to the ceiling while the rest are just standard cabinets. One odd thing about this layout is the door to the bedroom is more in the kitchen than it was before.

Here's the view looking towards the sink and stove. Notice we brought the window away from the wall 2' and lowered it so that we can see out of it more easily.

Well that's it for now. We hope to be able to find a capable designer to see if they can come up with a better solution. Some questions we still have are;

  1. How much cabinet and counter space do we really need? Should all the wall cabinets go all the way to the ceiling to maximize storage?
  2. What the best place for the main sink and can we fit a prep sink in there somewhere? Do we even need a prep sink?


amy said...

Are you bigger on cooking or bulk foods? If you're serious into baking or complicated food prep, go for as much counter space as you can. But if you visit Costco or like to buy things on sale, I'd put in more floor to ceiling cabinets. It's hard to have too much storage space.

Mom said...

I would have the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. If you don't need them for dishes, etc., you can use them for storage -- but at least you have the room. Also, lots of counter space makes it seem more open -- AND gives you the space for small appliances, food prep, etc.
Looks good.

Auntie Sue said...

Have you considered using the sunporch as a "breakfast nook?" ie, having the table and chairs out there, surrounded by the glass windows? Maybe it's not big enough.
Instead of having cabinets going all the way to the ceiling to optimize storage space, could you have an open shelf running along the wall, maybe 18-24" from the ceiling (or discontinuous smaller shelfs at different heights for visual interest) that you could use to store decorative (or not) large items that aren't used frequently but still need a place to be stored? That might be more visually interesting than cabinets up to the ceiling, but still allow for storage of large items (vases, pottery bowls, pitchers, baskets, serving trays, etc.). If you go with the regular cabinets, you will have room on top of them, I presume, for the storage/display of some large pretty items in any case.
I always love your ideas and am sure it will look great no matter what you do.

Jessamyn said...

Darn it, I tried to comment the other day, and it seems to have disappeared into the ether. I'll see if I can remember everything I said...

First, to help with the bedroom-in-the-kitchen syndrome, you could move the hall door (the one currently [weirdly] closing the hallway just before the bedroom door) to become a proper kitchen door. If door swing is a problem, you could do like our kitchen and have two half-width swinging or french doors.

Second, I like Sue's idea of using the sunroom as a dining nook, but if it isn't suitable for that, what about using the sunroom as a sort of pass-through pantry? You stick a bunch of cabinets in there and then free up more of the living-room-ward end of the kitchen for a more dedicated, and less crowded, dining area.

Finally, my wacky idea: rather than moving walls, how about swapping the kitchen and bedroom locations? You'd get a nice, private, good-sized, well-proportioned bedroom at the end of the hallway, and you could knock the doorway to the sunroom into a larger opening and have a pretty good-sized overall rectangular space for the kitchen, perhaps using the sunroom as the dining end? You could turn the closet into a sort of pantry, or fill it with cupboards and recess the fridge into it.

Anyway, hope this post works and gives you some ideas!

irene said...

Thanks for all the ideas guys!!

Let's see.. we do hit costco every so often, so we sometimes have cases of mac & cheese to store. And Dan used to be a chef so the kitchen definitely needs to be functional. Not so big on the baking though.. our fancy oven came with the stove and pretty much only sees frozen pizzas (the bbq doesn't do nearly as nice a job on those frozen pizzas, but we're getting by..)

The problem with using the sunporch for anything is that we're planning on putting a spiral staircase in it, so we'll have interior stairs to the first floor. If we can get a shallow pantry cabinet in there, we'll definitely go for that.

I think having a few cabinets go all the way up and the others at varying heights would work. That would also have more of a victorian feel, since they had furniture in the kitchen rather that built-in cabinets.

Jessamyn, switching the rooms is an interesting idea! It's certainly a different way of looking at it.. but my very favorite thing about the kitchen is the beautiful light that comes in in the morning through the ginormous east-facing windows. If the bedroom was there we'd just black them out (we're not morning people ;) ), and then the kitchen wouldn't have that great light.
But moving the door totally solves the problem of the bedroom door opening off the kitchen! I kinda doubt I'd ever close it, but if we moved it we'd at least have the option
Now if we could just find the door to that bedroom!