Wednesday, May 28, 2008

to Spiral, or not to Spiral

We've been planning on putting a spiral staircase in between the 1st and 2nd floors of our house, and having been getting lots of opinions for against the idea.

We've stared at the floorplans and doodled in stairs in a few different places, but in every arrangement we can fit a full staircase (even with switchbacks), we still lose some or all of a room.

Dan mentioned this conundrum to someone that lives very near us, with exactly the staircase we're planning on putting in! It's the same kit from the same company, in the exact 6' size we can fit! And he was nice enough to invite us over to walk up and down (and up and down and up and down..)

And if that wasn't enough, he even lent me a basket so I could walk up and down pretending I was carrying laundry!

I have to say, my concerns are totally erased. This staircase is perfect. Going up is no problem at all, and there's a handrail all the way down that if you hold onto it, also keeps you on the wide part of the treads.

Thanks very much Mike for making us jealous of all your beautiful walls, and also letting us play on your stairs!

In the meantime, we're 2 coats into side 2 of the doors and looking forward to another 2 days of fun.


Auntie Sue said...

Is it going to be going from the sunporch? Where does the other end come out? You do have another regular staircase (outside?) between the first & second floors, right? Like for moving furniture --- or very large loads of laundry? I think it's a great idea; I mean, anybody can have a regular, straight staircase, but SPIRAL....? Just what I'd expect from you guys! Cousin Julie in NJ has a spiral staircase in her house and I thought it was kind of fun to go up and down when I visited a few years ago.

Mom said...

The one in your picture looks like it might be wide enough. I like it.

Anonymous said...

When you mentioned carrying laundry up and down the stairs a thought occurred to me. One trend in new construction is to put the washer/dryer upstairs on the same level as all the bedrooms. Since you're re-doing the upstairs anyway you *could* plumb in a washer/dryer connection in one of the upstairs closets...

Kitt said...

That certainly looks doable, wide as it is. I've thought about putting one on the back of my house, up to the deck so you don't have to walk through the house to get to it.