Sunday, May 11, 2008

Up goes the Heat

All the parts for our 2nd floor heat came.. I'm bummed I didn't think about taking a picture when I got home from work to see 10 boxes busted open along the side of the house. Every single box was broken open, and several had their contents spilling out into the dirt. Yup, that would've been a good picture..

Basically, we need to staple these thin plates of aluminum, called thin fins up onto the underside of the floor. They have tracks that the tubing fits into, which hold it up and radiates the heat.

Sounds simple enough.. but here's a shot of the underside of the floor. See all those little pointy bits sticking down?? Those are nails. Lots and lots of nails. Which would hold the thin fin out from the floor and keep it from working nearly as well as it needs to. The aluminum needs to fit tightly against the floor to transfer the heat efficiently.
So all the nails need to be cut flush with the wood.

Wire nippers cut the nails, but they left little bits hanging out.

So Dan got to spend the entire day grinding nails.

Lots and lots of nails.

little nails


The nails are coming down through the thin strip oak floors we have in the front two "formal" rooms of the house.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the house..

I was able to start stapling up the thin fins under the entryway and in the hallway. I drew out the outline in chalk (no need to heat under the walls or stairs) and fired up the air compressor.

We're supposed to use 16 gauge staples, but our staple gun can only handle 18 gauge.. so it was pretty hit or miss getting the staples to go in cleanly. I kept trying to find the one way to hold the gun so it would work every time.. but no luck. Much as I fought with that thing today, it was still waaay better than a hand powered staple gun

The tubing needs to be 8" on center, and we get 2 in each joist bay which will carry a loop of tubing.

I got through the entryway and most of the hallway today before I was ready to drop. Apparently it's been so long since we've done actual physical work on the house that we're total wimps again! (In our defense, I'm getting over a cold and Dan's coming down with it.. so we're not at our best.. but still, we've got to ramp back up the housework action!)

And Dan's still grinding away at those nails.. there are still a lot of nails. After 8 hours of grinding there's still a lot of evenings after work to go.

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Kitt said...

Wow, what a grind.

But good progress!