Saturday, June 28, 2008

what drought?

Our friend Robert lent us a power washer more than a year ago, and sort of wants to use it himself (sheesh, can you imagine the nerve?!), so the first heat wave we hauled out a ladder and had at it.

The fascia board cleans up amazingly well, but the siding is a little more stubborn. It's a fine line between almost clean and bare, unpainted wood..

And the back of the house, which faces south, had a lot of paint that was just slightly sort of sticking to the house. I had to be so gentle with the spray that it barely made a dent in the filth.
Well.. that's not entirely true.. I washed off a TON of dirt (and a bit of paint), and there are some spots that are cleaner, but that mostly seems to emphasize all the unclean areas.

Another reason we haven't posted much is that we broke yet another camera! Our cannon powershot sd500 that had a super awesome underwater case we could take scuba diving broke. The pathetic thing is, it was the 2nd time that happened to us. The first one broke in exactly the same way, but we bought another one (used, they're not still made) because only that model fits the case. Turns out, it's an extremely common problem and the camera is now a pile of junk.

So we bought a waterproof, shock resistant, compact little olympus.. we'll see how that goes. Dan was hit by enough water to take down a lesser camera, so so far so good.

And in the spirit of carbon offsets, we skipped a couple showers and I watered the plants with runoff I saved in a bucket. Sadly, the water made it's way into some areas that are now releasing that not quite forgotten rats nest smell, but at least no one will notice the not showering thing..

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