Monday, July 14, 2008

it takes one to.. get another one

Now that we've got one door, it seems like the others might be willing to go up too..

This is the door jamb for the back door. You can just kinda see the really fracking gorgeous hinges there..

One of the conditions Zach had for helping us with these doors was that we get them as slabs (not pre-hung) because that was where all the fun and challenge is!

Here is that piece and the rest of the jamb in place at the back doorway.

Notice the utter lack of plywood back there?? Any minute now there's also going to be a lock with a key instead of a sliding latch that we can only get to from the inside. Don't get me wrong, the plywood with latch was a vast improvement over the gaping hole, and is much better than a screwed-on inoperable piece of plywood.

The 2nd half of "fun and challenging," getting the door to swing freely and close all the way.

And the really fun part! A closed door!! With a lock on it, even. A lock that we have keys for!

The doorknob will come soon, and then it will be just like a real door!

There's way more light in that area now too. There aren't any windows back there, which is why we got the door with lights on top, and it makes a really big difference.

We still have to stain and seal the jamb, and there's the slight lack of siding there which will have to be addressed before we can trim the door out.. but I'm enjoying the fact that (have I mentioned this yet?) there's totally a door back there :D

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Kitt said...

That looks great! Definitely an improvement over plywood. You get security and a view.