Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pretty door stuff

I somehow totally missed posting pictures of the gorgeous hinges doing their gorgeous thing!

<-- And look, they hold the door up too! The doorjambs are also very pretty, made from douglas fir, so when we finally get around to staining and sealing them they'll match the doors perfectly.

And in the meantime, we've got some knobs!

It's funny.. I was just getting used to having the deadbolts in place, so now after I unlock the door I keep pushing on it, expecting it to open, and thinking it must still be locked somehow. And then I finally remember to turn the knob and everything works just like it should. I must be tired, because I keep doing that..

<-- This is the unfinished, interior fire door. The reproduction privacy sets have a fake keyhole cut in them which I love! That little detail is why I bought the knobs from Nostalgic Warehouse instead of one of the dozen or so places online that carry similar hardware.

I was planning on drilling it out so you could actually see though the door, but I think I'm going to paint that spot black instead.. at least to start off with.. I can always drill a hole later if it looks weird.

Sorry for the lack of posting recently.. it's been a bunch of behind the scenes stuff and some non-house related work which I'll post some pix of soon


Kitt said...

Oh, that's beautiful door hardware! Nice touch on the hinges, especially.

I think you should drill through the keyhole. You could mount a translucent glass eyeball inside the hole so that anyone trying to peek through gets a shock.

Joel said...

I think Kitt has a great idea!!!

irene said...

oooohhh.. I LIKE that idea!!
When we finally get our stuff back from storage I think I have a little clutch of eyeballs too! (doesn't every girl need her little clutch of eyeballs? look how handy they're going to be ;) )

thanks Kitt!!

Anonymous said...


Those hinges look to prety to cover up.


Ragnar said...

IMO drilling through a fire door kinda defies its purpose ;-)
Don't really know if that's up to code in your area, here it sure isn't.

irene said...

that's an excellent point Ragnar! much as I'd love the "authentic" look of a keyhole going all the way through it wouldn't make any sense to do that to the fire door..
I still want to put an eyeball in the bathroom door though ;)

L said...

The door hardware in Alameda Victorians is enough to make me want one.