Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shut the door!

Exciting news at Chez Neumansky!! We have a bedroom door!!

Try to remain calm.. I know it's hard.
Let me walk you through this miraculous development:

We have a sort of alcove-y confluence of doorways between the hallway, kitchen, bedroom, and 'dining room.'

  • The door to the dining room was walled off at some time in the distant past
  • The door to the kitchen hasn't had a door on it since the moulding currently there was put in place.
  • The bedroom, which HAD a door not too long ago, judging by the hinges, lost it to the abyss without a trace..
  • Leaving a door we'd never closed between the hallway, and.. more of the hallway.

In retrospect, it's an obvious move.. but I had such hope that the actual door that started there would turn up!

The hinges had to be moved a little, and a side and bottom edge needed to be ground down so it would close. Our friend Zack has the magic touch with doors, and now it's like it's always been there!

It makes the hallway seem way bigger (and turned up a corner that hasn't seen much cleaning since the original bleach-scrubbing)! Our poor, deprived cats can't fight through the curtain anymore, and their race circuit through the house has a brand new major obstacle.. but now we have a room we can lock them into, as we'll definitely need to do more often as we get back to work.

We still have to get used to it, but I think we'll manage!

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