Thursday, July 24, 2008

we're lousy with doors!

Just look at all the doors we have now!!
<--This one you can see from the street! You can also see the old, rotty door leaning against the house.. guess we'll have to something with that.. Anyone need a fine, antique door? it's cheap! ;) Still not much in the way of doorknobs.. but there's a functional lock, which opens with a key, on each and every external door we have! (not counting the piece of plywood covering the hole where there used to be a door.. any minute now there's going to be a wall there instead, so I'm counting that as wall, not door)

<-- This is the firedoor between the garage and the living space. We didn't have the space in our "clean room" to stain and seal it with the others, and since it was prehung because it needed special self-closing hinges we figured it'd be just as easy to finish it once it was up.

We have to finish all the jambs anyway, so there's about a million more coats of varnish in my future.

<-- And this is the firedoor between the living space and the garage.

It's the same door.. It's just so exciting I thought I'd show it from both sides :D

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Anonymous said...

That door looks like the perfect lid for a cold frame - winter veggies!!