Saturday, August 2, 2008

New windows

Our new windows are here!

I'll explain more about why we bought the windows as we go into the impending framing in the house, but the price of these was also a factor in buying new instead of trying to fix and move the old ones.

Plus, I read all the time about how windows are the one thing that you want to buy new instead of salvaging from old houses.. The performance and efficiency of double-pane windows are far beyond the old single-paned ones.

We went with Marvin Integrity Wood-Ultrex series windows, which seem pretty great.. They're clear pine on the inside, paintable fiberglass clad on the outside (I know that we'd never have to paint them if we just got them clad in a color we want for the trim on the house.. we're just not beige people..), with low E insulated glazing.

And somehow, because they only come in a handful of sizes, they're really affordable. So, as you can see, we loaded up ;)

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