Friday, August 15, 2008


The bumpout is up on crutches, but it’s better and stronger than ever before! The jacks lifted it back inline, and the sag is gone

<-- Check out the underside.There's a new 2x10 sistered onto each joist from the edge of the bumpout through to the super-beefy beam running down the center of the garage.

It feels much more stable there too, walking and jumping on it from above. And soon we can get back to stapling up the heating fins so sometime this winter we have a chance of having heat. It'll be much easier to get the fins and tubing out under the bumpout with the underside exposed like this.

<-- These are those joists from the inside. You can see a bit of daylight coming through at the ends, and the sistered joists are resting on our super-beefy garage beam.

You can also see one set of window openings framed in with the new header and post.

Here’s a better view of the window framing in the garage/workshop.

The openings have new 6x6 headers, which are supported in the middle by 4x6 posts

This is the window framing in the bedroom in back.. there's actually wall back there now!

Which makes it reeeaally dark in there.. this pic is blindly taken with the flash. If only we had some windows..


Kitt said...

Did you really post this Aug. 15? It only now showed up in my reader (I was wondering what you guys were up to.)

irene said...

um, yeah.. I don't know how you folks do it! I can't keep up with all the work, and the work work, and still manage to post about what's going on! There's a little bit of a backlog I'm trying to bring back up to date :)