Thursday, August 14, 2008

the Wall, continued

Here we have the beginning of the sheathing.

The windows you see there leaning up against the house are from the garage.. they don't match any other windows in the house and because they’re double-wides we had some problems with the framing that needed fixing.

From the inside a couple days ago you can see what the problem with the header is.. there isn't one! There's just a couple 2x6s turned on their side.. Not sure if you can see the sag in this picture, but it's pretty pronounced.

To span the opening over 2 windows with two stories above, we would have to put in a pretty beefy header, which would mean moving the windows down and buying new expensive beams. The alternative is to split up the windows and put a supporting post in between to support the header in the middle, which is what we decided to do.

Another issue we need to address is that the bumpout is underframed, and sagging even worse since the foundation was done. We figured it would be much better to deal with that now, before we closed up the walls. So we need to sister 2x10s to all the joists that cantilever out in the bumpout.

Here you can see the supports in place to prop it back up to level. Next, the joists can be attached nice and straight-like

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