Monday, August 18, 2008

WWW (Walls Windows Waterproofing)

We're pretty big on waterproofing anyway, because it increases the lifespan of the materials, but the fact that we had to cut off the bottom several inches of our house because the bottom of the studs was all rotted out is putting us on even more of a mission.

<-- Here you can see the flashing up to drive the water away from the bottom edge of the sheathing, out over the foundation

The sheathing and the flashing are up all the way along the length of the house

And the bumpout is freestanding again, still with no sag!

And here's a shot of the crazy and highly specific nailing pattern on the plywood sheathing. This wall adds an enormous amount of lateral bracing to the house which should (knock on wood) keep everything secure in an earthquake

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