Tuesday, September 23, 2008

got gas?

We don't!

The plumber came and did everything we needed him to do before PG&E's scheduled appointment time of 8:30 am

He shut the gas off, disconnected the old meter to reroute the main gas line into the house to the other side of this staircase..

.. and he installed an emergency shutoff valve which automatically shuts the gas off in an earthquake.

It's not the most attractive house accessory I've ever seen, but it's MUCH better than losing our house to a fire after an earthquake

And here's PG&E's part of the work. You can see the new bigger gas line going through the concrete curb of the driveway and attaching up to the new meter feeding into the house.

Wait.. no.. my mistake.. THERE'S NO METER THERE!!

So Dan started calling supervisors and helplines and emergency helplines (on hold for 40 minutes on an emergency helpline doesn't give me much of a feeling of safety)

You can also see that the gas line does NOT go through the concrete curb and, after we dug back up the dirt they so thoughtfully piled back into the pit, just barely covering the work they did, we realized it was actually not a bigger pipe at all. It was way after dark by this time, so the pictures don't really show anything..

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