Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Kitchen Design......Again & Again...

And again and again and again

So we went out and hired a super-fab kitchen designer and she showed us her super designs and well....we where under impressed! She missed super simple things like, oh look someone can't be sitting at the table while someone is cooking or trying to open the frig??? Wha???? She did uh, suggest two things that we are going to incorporate into our kitchen. Can you tell what they are from looking at the new super-fab diagram (with dimensions!!!) below?

We got rid of the return against the south wall and we flopped the place for the fridge along the west wall. Now we have room for a prep sink!! Hurray!!! We also moved the stove off center on the south wall-but its still framed by windows.

Here's the view from the kitchen door looking into the room. Nothing super fab diff here.

Irene wants the cabinets along this will to have a different look than the rest of them. She wants them to look more like furniture which I think is a good idea. So, use your imagination here. Also we like how getting rid of the cabinet return here makes the room look less crowded and gives us more wiggle room for the table.

Here's the view from the sun-porch door looking into the kitchen. We've decided that we are still going to go with a real corner sink. We just can't see wasting the space in the corner by using a regular sink there. We're just going to get a bigger sink than we had at our last house. This shot also shows the dishwasher....boy I wish we actually had a dishwasher...

Here's the view from the north wall looking south. We like the oven offset to the right a bit as it gives us more room for cabinets in the opposite corner. It will be tight with the stove door down trying to walk by to get outside but we think it will be okay.

Here's the view looking from the big windows at the fridge wall. Here you can see that we flipped the position of the fridge from our earlier designs. This makes total sense, giving us plenty of counter space on the side of the fridge and near the oven. On the right of the fridge is going to be a crazy angled tall pantry cabinet. It should be a good use of that weird space and give us somewhere to keep our mops and what-not.
Alright thats it for now. We are still trying to find a quality cabinet shop to build our cabinets for us and help with a little bit of the designing stuff-if they could install them to that'd be super-duper. We think we got the overall design nailed but we are going to need help with things like...should this be drawers, shelves, pull-out shelves, where we going to fit the recycling...stuff like that.


Kitt said...

Looks great!

I would suggest the you make part of those furniture-style cabinets a bookshelf, for cookbooks.

Also, consider where pet-food dishes will go that they're accessible to pets without the critters being at risk of being stepped on or the dishes kicked. Unless you already had a place elsewhere for that.

Is the pantry cabinet big enough to hold a stepladder, too? Something just tall enough to reach high cupboards. A super-slim model might also slide under a cabinet toe-kick, too, for storage.

Also consider where/how you will store your spices.

Plan for lots of lighting options, if possible, and good ventilation.

Vipul Shenoy said...

Hi Irene,

Your house is shaping up in a good way though there are piles & piles of wood etc always surrounded!

I especially liked the kitchen design.

Good Luck!

Vipul Shenoy

Kitt said...

You may not want rats in your house again, but maybe?

irene said...

ha! Kitt, that's really funny, because we HAVE those little mice on our front stairs! I wasn't sure I wanted to go there, but they look SO cute and are kinda subtle. Most people don't notice them for awhile, if at all. I'll put pix up after we're done with working on the halloween stuff this weekend.
It's like you're reading my mind! :D
The rest of their house looks really cool.. I might have to borrow some ideas ;)