Sunday, September 21, 2008

Make way for PG&E

PG&E finally got us on the schedule to come and increase the gas service to the house. Because the gas main in the street is at low pressure, the only way to increase the pressure to the house is to increase the size of the line coming. If they'd gotten back to us 9 months ago our driveway could've been a foot and a half wider, but as it was we really didn't want to go with the suggestion to have an "accidental" gas leak to get them out before the foundation and slab were poured.

They told us the new meter wouldn't fit in the cabinet the existing one was in and we couldn't mount it outside that wall because we have stairs there now to get down to the newly-dug out garage. So, we had to find a new spot for the meter, and decided on the other side of the front stairs, next to the driveway.

The plan is to run the gas line straight (for a change) from the street, through the curb at the side of the driveway (seen in the picture at left), then up to a new meter.

So we needed to dig a trench from the gas main on the street, pull up the bricks along the edge of the driveway, and have a licensed plumber move the point of entry for the gas line into the house over to the new location.

<-- Here's me getting the dirt out from under the existing gas line. Doesn't it look fun?! Apparently Tom Sawyer's tactics don't work anymore because I tried to get 2 kids and a dog to help dig and none of them took me up on it!

And even if it wasn't almost October, we had to do something with all that misplaced dirt, right?!

The neighbors LOVE the memorial Dan made. (you probably need to click on the pic to get a version big enough to read)

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Kitt said...

What an epitaph! R.I.P. indeed.