Sunday, September 7, 2008

OT: Fire Lounge'n on the Playa

Welcome to the playa, let's get to work!

Trucking everything out to the middle of nowhere and setting it in its spot is just the beginning.. we had to fabricate all the runs of hose to get propane around the circle of fire fun. Then the hoses had to be trenched, along with the electric wires, deep enough so no one could snag them and pull them out.

Sound-activated fire sculpture requires sound, so that all had to be setup as well. A new friend donated those giant speakers and the cabinet all the equipment was in is the one old tv cabinet that Leroy's evil grandkids didn't steal from us after they broke into our house.

This is a very harsh environment, so everything has to be able to handle whatever mother nature can throw at it (often all on the same day!)

Here's our wedding arch, serving up its role as an entryway pretty nicely (if I do say so myself)

This must've been early in the night, because there was always a crowd huddled around the fire tornado - and the bar, for that matter!

Here we are in full swing

You can see the Thunderdome in the backgound off on the left.

Here's a little video (sorry about the crappy sound.. we had some.. um.. issues with the sound early and consistently through the event. You remember those ginormous speakers? blown in less than 5 minutes!)

A little later in the night and the pipes on the fire tornado are burning cherry red! (not sure why that looks fuchsia in every picture I took) Happily, if somewhat surprisingly, not a single drunk hippy tried to touch it!

Here's the tulips in their calm state. You can see the vines reaching up to the pilot flames that ignite the ball of propane

And here's a shot of the tulips in action.. can you see why we didn't test these in our driveway in Alameda?!

The controls for these were on a bar table next to the controls for the fire tornado and it was a lot of fun to see the handful of people who realized how they were being controlled realize that they could walk up and push the buttons.

Here's a shot from a tower (yes, we have towers) that gives a pretty good view of the lounge

We parked Steve (the tricycle at the upper left with the two tiki torch looking flames coming up out of skulls.. yeah, they shoot fire too. cute rings of flame) at the edge of the fire lounge for ambiance.

And finally, a video from above that hopefully lets you see what we were trying to do

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