Sunday, October 12, 2008

and.. still working

Another weekend in which I was hoping to finish the walkway.. I realized that fitting the bricks to the shape was going to take so long that I didn't have a chance of getting the whole thing set in one weekend. And, as predicted, the first 2 rows are totally out of whack and I'll have to pull them up and reset them. In an effort to do as little duplicate work as possible, I decided to fit the whole path this weekend, then next weekend I can come back and set them.

It actually is already much more pleasant to walk on then the dirt.. which is basically sand, so if I really wanted to I could probably just sweep more in the joints and call it done, but I'd really like to have a flat, nice path for a little while

And Dan was back in the garage plowing through the staple-up. I took more pictures of him throughout the day, but they all look about the same..

This isn't the funnest project we've ever worked on, but the nights are already getting colder and the heat from this system is going to feel sooooo nice.

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