Sunday, October 19, 2008

the beige and red and pink brick road

So, the first thing I did when I got started Saturday morning was clean all the cat poop out of the nice, loose sand after I figured out what all the flies were so interested in..

And in doing that, I disturbed this guy.. I have no idea what it is, but I'd be interested in finding if anyone knows. Especially if it's a termite queen, or something else that should be squished on sight.

After the nature hour, I picked up all the bricks I'd fit last weekend, and stacked them in order along the edge.

The first row only needed some adjustments to get it back even with the step line, but the 2nd row was a total mess.. so I got started.

One of the things I learned from doing the driveway, was that because the bricks are all different sizes and shapes and thicknesses, it was a waste of time to try to get the bed completely level and perfect before starting, like you would if you were laying brand new uniform pavers.

The bed was relatively smooth and level, and I just poured a bit of sand as I went, and had plenty more on hand to level each brick to the right spot.

Because the sidewalk is higher than where the bottom of the first stair is, I wanted to bow the walkway up in the center so water doesn't pool up right at the house-end of the bricks. Not sure I did that so well right at the stair side, but it's so important that wherever the inspector measures it's exactly the right height that I'm not sure I could've done much at that end anyway. Towards the middle and the sidewalk it bumps up a little in the middle, though you can't really tell by looking at it. We'll see what happens when it starts raining.. we shouldn't have to wait to long for that!

And here we are. All that's left to do is fill the joints in with sand to lock everything in place. (I'm still sort of amazed at how well that works!)

And voila, we're off to see the wizard!

And Dan spent the weekend on his favorite pastime, putting up the radiant heat fins. Aren't they pretty?!


Kitt said...

Wow! Your walkway looks great! Very nice job.

Looks like the fins are progressing swimmingly, too.

Mom said...

Wow. I really like the walkway. Nice job, Irene. Dan, looks like your part is coming along nicely, too.

Vipul Shenoy said...

Shaping up well!

The whole thing is coming along so nice!

Alexa said...

Definitely a potato bug. We had found one of those critters a couple of months ago in San Leandro.

And along with everyone else, the walkway looks awesome!

Jessamyn said...

Yep, potato bug. They're harmless (they eat decaying matter and other bugs) and they don't like light much, so they tend to 'Run away! Run away!' when disturbed. Icky when you come across one in your downstairs bedroom, as those of us who grew up in damp Marin know all too well, but nothing to worry about.

fudog said...

Growing up in California, I always knew these critters as earth babies. Your house looks nice. It looks like it is coming along nicely, really like the finished product of your first house. I saw your wedding pictures for the first time. Loved them. Looked like everyone had a great time, sorry I missed it. Didn't see Joel or was he the guy in the light brown suit? Have a Greatful Day.

Tish and Brian said...

Hi! It was nice meeting you the other night. I've been reading your blog for a while but didn't recognize either of you until I saw your house. It looks great! We will have to stop by again when everything is in full swing. This is Tish from over at 1313, btw. Happy Halloween!

irene said...

ok, I'll trust you guys that it's a potato bug.. it's REALLY creepy looking but I won't squish it!

Walter is that you?! I hear congratulations are in order!

mobang said...

Hey, Neumanskys! Good-looking Jerusalem cricket you have there! You might be interested in this:

Mo! from oldhomes