Wednesday, October 29, 2008

we -heart- halloween

This is where we left off with Halloween a couple weeks ago so we could get back to housework.. but the time is nearing and we had big plans!

<-- This little scarecrow was cute and all, but not even the 2 year old across the street was scared of him.. clearly something had to be done!

I found this hanging guy who looked just right for a scarecrow. Add in an old pair of Dan's pants and a bale of hay and newspapers, and viola - a scary scarecrow!

(small, stating-the-obvious side note.. hot glue, is hot! not nearly as fun to peel of fingers as elmer's glue)

Here's Dan getting the scarecrow in position.. you can't tell yet, but this one is scary in more ways than just being bigger!

Here he is all in position.

Behind him on the spider web is our floating magic mirror of doom. He's hard to get a picture of, but is very cool and creepy. He talks to our guests, which takes everyone by surprise and is surprisingly scary.

He lures you in and distracts you while..

.. mr. scary scarecrow gets even scarier!!

He's mounted to a pneumatic contraption Dan built for Halloween a few years back.

<-- This is the grim reaper who watches over the graveyard. These little faux fire cauldrons are really great for ambiance and uplighting

<-- and here's an overview of the whole house. I have to say, our house may look a little shabby still the rest of the year, but it's exactly perfect for Halloween!

It's no surprise to anyone anymore how much we get into Halloween, so when we heard there was a house haunting contest in Alameda we had to enter! The woman who started it grew up in Alameda and wants to see the island get back into the spirit of the holiday she remembers from when she was a kid. That's a concept we can totally get behind! There are a few parts of town that really do things up, but now that's where all the kids go, so the spooky spirit has died down on other parts of the island - we only had about 20 trick-or-treaters last year, while a couple other streets were swarming with kids!

So we're thrilled to be supporting that cause, and it turns out we won 2nd place! Look at the awesome gift basket and trophy!!


Kitt said...

Wow, that's awesome. Looks to me like you deserved first place! But second's pretty cool.

I'd love to see what the first-place house looks like ...

The MadScientist said...

Kitt if you look at the link for the contest Irene posted they have pics of the winning house and our house.

irene said...

thanks Kitt :D
the first place house was pretty cool, they made an awesome castle and a bunch of knights and it was nice and spooky. The winners are posted here
but the pix don't really do justice

Mom said...

You two do such an awesome job for Halloween. Imagine what you can/will do when your stuff is out of storage. Congratulations on taking 2nd place.

Joel said...


fudogs said...

It looks more like first place to me.
Yes it me. Thank you. His name is Max Leon Simansky, if you woud like some pics let me know? Love both of your houses I have always been found of Victorian. The fine detail that goes into the smallest things, like door hinges. Well it is my wedding anniversary so I must go happy halloween.

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