Sunday, November 9, 2008

dreaming of warm..

The control panel for the radiant heating system came on Thursday, isn't it cool?! Everyone who sees it says it looks like something out of a WWII nuclear submarine!

The best part is, it came preassembled! The whole thing gets rotated 90 degrees, and the white backing board screws to the wall.

We need to read more of the manuals to understand what all the little knobs and dials do..

Sadly, we're not anywhere near ready to turn anything on.. there are still a ton more fins to staple up, and all kinds of obstacles getting in the way of that.

The bumpout had some reinforcing to be done.. Dan's nailing up joist hangers to actually transfer the load of the wall onto the joists in a more substantial way than the couple of face nails on each..

He also cut out a bunch of plumbing left over from the "original" kitchen (original to when we bought the house, but in no way original to the house.)

And then on to the next stop on the obstacle course that we call a floor.. Here's Dan and Henrietta consulting on how to deal with the spot where the fireplace was. We've just had some plywood sitting there to have a sort of level floor that the cats couldn't jump through, but we have to nail the heating fins to the underside, and to do that there really needs to be an underside.

<-- This picture taken after the piece of plywood was pulled up illustrates the problem a little better. Look ma, no floor!

Meanwhile, I was on staple duty..

Still more to do, but we made a lot of good progress this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I can't tell for sure, but it doesn't look like the tubing is in place. Do those heater fins have the U-shaped channels (where the tubing goes) on the bottom side (towards the basement) or on the top side (towards the living space)? If the channel is on the bottom and if you haven't already installed it, it should be easy to pop the tubing in place once you're got all the fins stapled up. If the channel is on the TOP side, how will you install the tubing? Have you left one side of each fin free so you can slide the tubing in before stapling that side to the underside of the floor?

DN in Atlanta

irene said...

You're right DN, the tubing isn't in yet. We're hoping to get that started this weekend.

In the pictures the channel looks like a lighter stripe down the middle of each fin. and you're exactly right, the tubing snaps right in. That's the plan at least..