Monday, November 3, 2008

Have you seen my zombie??

We've been on a mission to bring Halloween back to this side of town, and Dan came up with a great way to "advertise!" We made these posters and put them up all over town. A few people said they came by because they saw the posters, so it totally worked!

We didn't have as many people as were crowding the streets over on Bay, but we had about 100 kids which is WAY more than the 20ish we had last year. If that rate of growth continues, next year will be perfect!

We had a pretty good sized crowd a few times during the evening. The kids got a kick out of hanging back and watching the next group get scared by the Giant Floating Head of Doom (Doooooom), and his buddy the scarecrow.

And as much as the kids enjoyed it, the grownups couldn't get enough!

I kept trying to get pictures of people being scared, but this is the best I could get.. One girl jumped back so far she knocked me over! Which we both thought was pretty funny :)

<-- Bob, as our Mr. Floating Head of Doom wound up being named, is also very difficult to catch on film! We finally turned off all the lights and tried one last time and you can kinda get an idea of what he looks like. He can look left and right and up and down, and he has expressions and says the funniest things! (ok, that last part is Dan being witty through a voice changing software so he sounds spooky..) That's what people enjoyed the most I think.

And this winged demon really freaked the kids out too.. it really looked like it was floating over our graveyard. The wind whipped it around perfectly!

<-- This is us at the end of the night, in between bouts of rain.

And this is the sweetest thing ever! I found this slipped under the front door when I got home from work today.. it's a hand-drawn thank you picture from a kid down the street.

And that, folks, is what Halloween is all about.
Only 362 days to go!

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Kitt said...

How awesome! You'll be MOBBED next year, now that word's gotten around. (Though 100 is a plenty good-sized number. I got maybe 15. Boooo.)