Monday, December 1, 2008

happy long weekend

Turns out I was a little optimistic about being done putting up the thin fins.. there were more to put up under the kitchen. Dan put those up on Friday while I pounded in my head.. I mean, pounded in the tubing under the bedroom.

In answer to the question "what happens if you get a hole in the line, or need to add more tubing," here's a little illustration of the fix for the run under the front room that was a miserable 5' too short!

It's exactly like the fittings for copper tubing which I have some experience with..

With the tubing cut square (any angle or jaggedness to the cut makes it really hard to get a good seal), there is a piece of the fitting which slides into the tubing and nut that tightens down over that, with a compression sleeve in between

<-- Here's what it looks like with all the pieces on the tubing, ready to be tightened down

<-- And here's the finished splice. It was frustratingly close to being long enough.. this is only a few feet from the manifold!

<-- Here's Dan shooting a laser line to get the placement for the control panel

<-- And here he's checking to make sure it's level before (and during) bolting it to the wall. Doesn't it look cool?! We'll take the crate sides off so it will just be the flat backboard on the wall with everything attached to that, but they made it a lot easier to set it at the right height. I think it was Ian's idea to set the whole thing on floor jacks - asking a friend who stopped by to help again to hold up a giant heavy awkward thing can lead to the best ideas! ;)

Thank goodness for long weekends of thanksgiving, which gave us enough time to get the rest of the thin fins up (for real this time), all the rest of the tubing pounded in, the control panel up, and the tubing all connected to the manifold (and marked, because my Dan is a smart lad). And the last thing Sunday night was a leak test with the best, most high-tech tool ever: soapy water. All the little leaks were fixed with a little tightening, but you can see the last leak on the right there, just below the pressure gauge where all the bubbles are. The stinking filler valve is broken!

Everything else looks good though, even the splice I put in is holding pressure.. so we just need to replace the filler valve on the manifold, and this phase will be done. Next up, putting temperature sensors all over the place..

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