Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nother Top Floor Idea

Okay Here we go again....
Guess what? All those groovey diagrams our architect did? He mis-read the dang scale, so in his drawings the space is much bigger than it really is!!! Sooooooooooo....none of his ideas are going to work!!!! Hurray!!!!
We gave him correctly scaled papercopies of the floor for him to sketch his ideas on. He's supposed to come back to us on Tues with all new super-fab ideas.... we'll see how that goes...

Can you tell that I'm a little cheesed off?

Here's our latest idea for the top floor.

We're pretty settled on the kids room and the kids closet being the way it is. The kids bath size is pretty settled but not the exact lay-out of the bath.

Opened up some space in the master-bed by getting rid of the couch and table and putting in a big window seat with big pull-out drawers underneath. We both really like the idea of having somewhere comfy to read that's not in bed. The closets on either side of the window seat are kinda optional but we like how they frame in the window seat.

We got rid of the door at the top of the stairs and turned the queens closet #2 into a shallower linen closet. Hopefully this will make this area less cramped feeling? We also are trying to make more use of pocket doors.

Still have the closets in the dormer. There is 4' between the bed and the wall on the tight side that gives me 2' for a nightstand and 2' for a pocket door. This does not sound ridiculous to us?

Didn't really screw anymore with the master bath.

Now that the 'pro' has the real dimensions of the space we'll see what he can come up with...

If anyone else wants to take a stab at designing out our top floor please use the diagram in this post it is correctly scaled-with dimensions.-thanks


Jessamyn said...

2' for a pocket door is really, really tight. You're going to have to turn sideways and sidle through if you're carrying much of anything, like a stack of laundry (think elbows!), and for me, that would get old fast. Personally I would rather have a normal 32" door and 16" for the bedside tables. Are you trying to avoid having the pockets run behind the bed for some reason? How about a curtain?

irene said...

That's a very good point Jessamyn.. We've had 2' doors, which didn't seem bad to us, but the size of the bed/nightstand area is based on the ridiculously large bed and nightstands we currently own, which could certainly be downsized a bit to leave room for bigger doors. I really want solid doors there though, so when one of us is still in bed the other can be in the closet with a light on and cause slightly less disturbance.