Tuesday, December 9, 2008

of thermostats and tree limbs

Dan spent this weekend working on last bits for the heating system. Here he is getting the temperature sensors ready to install. There are 3 zones upstairs, and they each get a sensor and a thermostat.

And each of these has about a dozen wires.. ok, it just seemed like a dozen.

Here he's pulling wires for the sensors and thermostats. This batch is heading up to the kitchen.

This will be the thermostat in the hallway.. once there's heat to control and, you know.. a hallway

Here he's installing the thermostat in the bedroom after feeding the wires up through the floor.

So we're covered for thermostats, next up is a boiler to get something hot flowing through all these tubes.

Meanwhile, I was out back taking care of a little problem with the tent we still have things stored in in the backyard. The point of the tent is to keep the random stacks of wood and metal dry, which works a little better when there's not a tree growing through the roof. We cut these limbs back before we setup the tent, but the tree must be healthier than it looks because in a year and a half the limbs have grown about 4 feet!

I cut this all back and patched the holes, so hopefully it'll do the trick. We'll find out soon, because the rain is headed in

I meant to take more pictures, but that turned out to be a little difficult holding a sawzall up on the "this is not a step" step of a ladder, so picture a lovely patch of gaffers tape and plastic that I'm picturing lasting through many a rainstorm.

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