Saturday, January 24, 2009

fun with foam

I finally spent some time putting foam backer rod in every gap I could find in the double-hung windows throughout the house. Turns out there was surprisingly little air coming through! I don't think the weatherstripping made much difference at all..
<-- ..Especially compared with the gusts coming up through the floor over this bumpout.. this was definitely a candidate for some sort of insulation.

The particle board cover of the crate the heating system manifold came in was perfect for temporarily sealing in under the bumpout. Eventually, we'll have all the heating bits and insulation and wires and whatnot in place and can close it up for good, but for now a little something between us and the 30-odd degree outside would be helpful.
A little measuring, a little geometry, and a little time with a skilsaw and I could practically feel the warmth.

Turns out I have too few hands to screw a piece of plywood in overhead and take pictures, so we jump right to a finished view. All the gaps are foamed in and this definitely cut down on the drafts!

The rest of the foam went into sealing up the vents from the old heaters, and a couple other holes we found.

We'll have awhile before the insulation under the radiant can go in, so we want to have as much sealed up as possible when we're able to fire that system up.. any day now, I'm sure..

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Anonymous said...

We have a similar bumpout on our 1896 Victorian and it has beadboard running perpendicular to the house covering it from below. I've never seen white before, what kind of foam in insulation is that?