Friday, January 30, 2009

Help!! Kitchen Design Help Needed!!

Help, Help, Babys coming and we don't gots no kitchen!!!

Actually we are not crazy enough to think that we'll get the kitchen done in 5 months but not having its design nailed is holding up a lot of other projects that we need to get done.

Yes again....I know I have another post on this but I wanted to start from a 'clean sheet' idea. We've decided that the giant windows were too much of a design constraint. I can't get my mind off of the other design so I need help looking at it in new ways.

What we're trying to do in this go-round is.

1. Fit all the stuff accross the top of the page into the room.

2. We need to fit at least 31' of lowers and 28' of uppers.

3.You can not move the walls but the windows can be removed and added.

4.Want to be able to enjoy the nice view out the back and the great morning light.

5. Ideally we want one good sized sink and one prep sink with good amounts of counter space around them and the stove.

In this picture we've moved the windows up so that lower cabinets can be installed underneath.

I've got a scaled pdf version of this I could email to anyone if you were really interested. I can't fracking figure out how to post a pdf file on the blog??

So there's an empty room just begging to be filled with kitcheny goodness.
So...any takers??..Please?

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