Saturday, January 17, 2009

manifold destiny

I mean, manifest density.. I mean, oh never mind

Because we changed the model of the boiler we're using, there was some retrofitting to do. We stepped down from the 110,000 btu model to the 60,000 btu model which does not have its own circulator pump, so here's Dan soldering in the new pump.

Once each of the valves was soldered on, Dan connected the stainless steel flex lines for the boiler inlet and outlet.

And then the boiler magically appeared on the wall, with no heavy lifting involved from the man with the bad back or the pregnant woman. Dan still had to hook it up though.. it's not all magic wands and whatnot.

<-- Notice here there are no pex lines connected to any of this

Next up was mounting the manifolds back to the wall, on top of the nice new fire-resistant drywall. We had to cut the pex to the correct length and remake all the connections. They've been pressurized up to 80psi for a week and no leaks!

Finally, we need to hook the control board up to the manifolds and pressurize the entire system.

For the boiler, we still need to install the vent, the condensate drip line, and the pressure-relief line. And we need to run the gas lines.

And then someday soon, there will be heat.


Jayne said...

WOW! I am impressed.

Amy Forinash said...

How come you had to switch out boilers? Was this the original one?

The MadScientist said...

Hi Amy,
After the control board was built we realized that we didn't need the bigger boiler so we 'switched it out' for the smaller boiler-we didn't actually have the bigger boiler. Actually our heat load is so small that the 60,000BTU boiler is too big-it will easily get us thru this winter with no insulation though.