Saturday, January 3, 2009

out with the old - heaters

New year's is a good time to finally take care of those nagging chores, so we decided were going to get rid of the nasty scary old heaters in the front room and the bedroom.

Dan got the cover off this one in the front room and started disconnecting it while collected all the cleaning supplies for what we knew was going to be underneath.

And we weren't disappointed.. look, rat poop! hurray! It's been (thankfully) so long since we've seen any that it was just like the first time.

This heater was so low to the ground an attached to the wall, so there was no way to clean back there during the big decon effort. Which is one of the reasons we never wanted to turn it on. The smell of cooking rat droppings just isn't the same as fresh-baked cookies, or anything else you'd want to smell in your house.

The heater in bedroom was further from the wall, so there was much vacuuming and cleaning way back when -Dan got started before I got a pic, so it's a few inches further out than it started.. but it was more than a foot from the wall

The other reason we never wanted to turn these on was evident here.. to pull this out Dan literally just pulled a little. Nothing was attached or sealed to the vent pipe so one night of this big guy heating our bedroom probably would have been our last.

This is a very flattering picture of me cleaning out the nastiness-filled wall cavity around the vent pipe.

And this is what it looked like before. It actually doesn't look so bad in the picture.. seemed much worse at the time

Underneath, on the other hand, was a different story. Just as gross at you'd expect

Don't worry, Henrietta didn't have time to get a paw in there before I fired up the vacuum and she went running off in terror.

The gas pipe sticking up out of the floor was dead, so while I was cleaning the grime Dan was downstairs sawing it off and now that's history.

A couple of days on a craigslist free posting and the heaters disappeared like magic from in front of the house. Now that we're free from those old things hopefully things'll move quickly to get the new system up!

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