Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slacking on the posts.. slacking marginally less on the work

Today's project was installing electrical boxes for the outlets and lights downstairs

The other side of this wall is where the sawhorses with piles of siding live, so Dan did the measuring/marking/drilling/cutting from the backside

Everyone knows the trick to drill holes in the corners of an area you need to cut, right?

If you drill the four corners with a good size bit, you can go back with a skilsaw and easily start at one hole and cut straight to the other

This is the next outlet box over, which was much easier to get to, and the box for the lightswitch by the door. You can also see the thermostat at the upper left, so we'll have power, lights, AND heat in this room!!

The boxes are shimmed out with scraps of the 5/8" drywall that we'll be skinning the whole downstairs with. This way the boxes are already sitting at the correct final depth (Dan's good at thinking ahead like that..)

This is the back wall of the downstairs bedroom. I think we're covered on boxes back here!

The two round white circles are covers for the light boxes for sconces we're going to put over the bed in there, and 2 of the outlet boxes are for switches for those

The dangly white square on the left is currently the only outlet for that side of the house. It used to be outside, but wound up walled in on the inside after the foundation work. I was annoyed at the time, but it's turned out to be very convenient.

And then it was my turn to put up a few boxes..

Look, plastic outlet boxes attached to studs. Exciting stuff, wouldn't you say?

Everything went well until I got to this spot where we need to fit a 4-switch box between a forest of studs spaced just a little too closely together.. chiseling skills are very rusty (as was the chisel when I finally found it.. but I sharpened it before I started so I can't really blame the mess on the tool)

The box finally fit though, so all's well that ends well

the end

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