Sunday, February 15, 2009

about that tree we wanted in our yard,,

.. this is not what we had in mind. You could also file this under "just when you thought you had more than enough to deal with."

At 2:30 this morning I woke up to a very strange sound. It was loud and long and sort of whooshing.. It was a windy night, but that was definitely something more than just wind.

I jumped out of bed to see what it was and all I saw out the back window was tree. Which is unusual, mind you, because we don't have ANY trees on our property. So I moved into the kitchen and opened the back door and, sure enough, all tree.

I'm going to back up a few days here to when a big branch/limb broke off in our neighbor's yard. He was very worried about the health of the tree and thought it probably needed to be removed or it might fall. We agreed to call an arborist out to take a look.. It was a giant tree, that was very pretty in its day, but had been getting worse. The arborist came out on Friday and identified a few problems with the tree and determined it likely could not be saved.

About 3 years ago the neighbor behind us cut off a very big branch, which had a sore leading from it causing a lot of decay. It also appeared that a lot of the root structure had been removed from the same side to make room for the foundation of a garage being built. These were a couple of big contributing factors to the ill health of the tree

Many years prior to that, there was a fencepost that the seemed to be growing around. That may also have contributed to the problem.

This tree had been in the front of our minds all week, so when I looked out the window it was a very sad end to the issue. And the start of another..

We ran outside to make sure our neighbor was ok, and he was out there calling for us for the same reason. The fence between our houses was obliterated, but neither house seemed to have any damage.

There was one big branch still hanging off our neighbor's house and we were all worried that with the wind the tree might shift and the house might not get off so easy the second time

Out came the super-handy cordless sawzall, and the branch came right off the tree

The branch was still hanging off the house though, so Dan went offroading in his robe to get it down.

By this time the rain had started pouring down, and there was clearly nothing else that could be done, so we all went off to bed. Not that there was much sleep with everyone worrying about what damage there was, and how we were going to get the tree out of there..

This morning, it turned out not to have been a dream.

<-- This is the view from our upstairs window. It was a very big tree, and the whole thing is now in our backyard.

The tree is so big I couldn't get all of it in one picture, even from that high up! It stopped a foot or so short of the fence on the other side of the yard..

This is from the corner of the patio nearest the house. The tree miraculously didn't take down the back porch/stairs.. we can't use the stairs at the moment, because they're a land mine of branches, but we're pretty happy it's all still standing.

The weight of the tree seems to be on these branches at the bottom of our patio, and the way they snap off very easily, we're not walking underneath it at all.

<-- This is the view from the back corner of the yard. The fence is just gone, and the whole tree is resting on its branches in our patio

Thank goodness I got the hole in the roof of the tent patched! ;)

This is the thing I'm trying not to think about.. we can't get to the tent at all, because the tree is a little precarious. Plus, it rained all night long, so any damage that's going to be done is already done.

Dan sent the arborist an email last night when we came inside, and he called back this morning and said he'd be right over (in the rain, on Sunday, wife and kids in the car.. )

This is the giant sore running along the back of the trunk. At the top right is the very improperly cut branch that led to the decay.

Behind the tree, through the convenient opening in the fence, you can see the garage that the tree died for. Not a scratch on it.

Zoomed in a bit, you can see the fencepost that the tree ate a long time ago..

And the spongy bottom where typically, roots would hold the tree upright in the ground.

It being a Sunday, and pouring rain, and tomorrow being a holiday, it's not looking good to get someone out here to haul the tree away. But it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and the tent and the fence aren't going to break any worse than the completely destroyed they are now, so there's not much point in stressing about it sitting where it is. Besides, we're going to miss the tree, so another day or two with it is fine with us.


Kitt said...

Wow, what a bummer. But lucky lucky not to have it take out anything more than fence and tent.

Dad said...

Glad there wasn't any damage to the house. The sound of limbs breaking in the middle of the night can be scarry.

Mom said...

Glad the 3 of you are OK and no damage to the house. Something like this can sure play havoc with a schedule to get things done.