Monday, February 16, 2009

But Wait, One More Kitchen Design Iteration

So we went to a cabinet shop on Saturday and they look pretty good and their prices were pretty great so we are trying to zoom in on a final kitchen design....for real this time.

Here's the newest version of the kitchen plans with dimensions. Turns out we didn't have all the dimensions of the appliances right... Our microwave is waaaay huger than the one we had in originally. Turns out we need 6'-6" for our table and chairs and built in benches idea.

Here's the rendered birds-eye view. Don't know what this tells you but it looks pretty I guess.

Here's the view looking towards the south wall. Like that nice big window looking out into our backyard. You can see the dishwasher and the third window also. We will probably not do the small french doors opting for a regular door like we put in downstairs.

Here's the view looking back at the fridge and china cabinet. The cabinet over the fridge is going to be 'fridge depth' but we are going to recess the fridge into the wall 4" so that its basically cabinet depth. The upper cabs to the right we are going to make 18" deep, the depth of the MW, and bring them down pretty close to the counter. We plan on having a lazy susan in the corner cab and this is where most of our dry goods will be stored.

Here's a shot standing way back in the hallway and looking into the kitchen. We were worried that the fridge would stick out too far but I think it looks okay. Remember that the china cabinet on the left is recessed into the wall a bit so it makes the fridge look like its sticking out more than it is.

Here's a shot looking at the stove wall. Now, with the MW gone all the cabinets to the left of the stove can be for our daily dishes-cups-plates-etc. We are probably going to nix the shelves to the right of the stove in lieu of another regular cabinet. Irene thinks that we can fit all of our pots and pans in the two base cabs on either side of the stove. That means no more pot rack which is probably a good thing. Also we are not going to do the cabinets all the way to the ceiling we think.

That's it for now let us know what you think will ya?


Anonymous said...

I like the layout of this version very much. I have not seen a china cabinet made for a corner -- are you planning to build it yourselves or have you seen one that would fit in this space? My other comment is to make sure there is enough room for the right fridge door to open all the way -- you don't want the counter to prevent it being opened far enough.

The MadScientist said...

Hi Anonymous,
Yep its all going to be custom if we go with this company that we saw over the weekend. The fridge is made so that the doors pivot open inside its own width but we are only recessing the fridge up to the doors.

auntie sue said...

I like the new layout too. If you are doing away with the hanging pot rack I'd suggest that instead of putting them on shelves in the base cabinets, you consider having several very large, very deep DRAWERS built to keep them in. We had slide-out drawers put into most of our lower cabinets where we store pots & pans (& pressure cooker & large electric griddles & crock pot & etc.) and it makes life in the kitchen SO much easier. I like what my friend Carol N. has ever better --- when they redid their kitchen about 10 years ago, Don (a builder) made the lower storage areas all large drawers. Doing it as drawers originally avoids the cupboard doors I have to always contend with and saves a little space I loose between adjacent runners for the drawers. You also might consider using drawers for the lower parts of your pantry area, especially if the pantry is deep. Ours is 24" deep and we have to have the slide out shelves or we'd never find anything in the back. I have a neighbor who had a new kitchen built 2 years ago and she uses the big drawers her designer put in for her pantry items: cereal boxes, containers of pasta, chips, whatever. A shallow drawer could be used for spices. A drawer just high enough for standard size canned goods (upright or on their sides), etc. In fact, I think I'd vote for ALL storage below counter height to be drawers rather than shelves. Even small appliances that you don't want to leave out on the countertop could fit nicely into the back, or front, of a drawer and be very easy to find and remove when needed.
Sorry about the tree; that was really sad. I guess the silver lining in that one is that now you don't have to worry about getting around to cleaning out the tent-garage. Hope insurance covered most of your losses.

Amy from old house list said...

I like the layout but I wonder how easy it will be to get in and out of those chairs at the table. Might consider chairs on rollers for there.

Vince said...

We went with custom and did away with all the frills for now to save on cost, we figured we could add those later. A good cabinet maker should have a few ideas you may not have thought about, one of the nicest things he suggested was to start and finish all the cabinets the same distance form any door way or window, it did make everything look consistent. By the way nice work, I grew upon Morton and remember the house when I was just a kid in the neighborhood, at that time it was one of those houses we didn’t go by on Halloween.

The MadScientist said...

That's interesting to hear about the house. We get different accounts to when it became scary. How far back can you remember the place being scary or was it always scary?

Vince said...

Just one of many scary houses from my kid days, I remember in the late 70's it started to be one of the scary houses, there was another on Central and Caroline and a few on Alameda Ave. All were passer by's when it cam time for trick or treat.

Jessamyn said...

I really like this layout, too. It seems to be about as open as possible while still getting everything in, within the existing footprint.

I don't know how much of this is just your cheapy layout program, but if the windows will really be that much taller than the french door, how about adding a transom over it to make the toplines all the same plus bring in yet more light?