Sunday, February 8, 2009

makin' way for baby

Dan's been working on the heat - installing venting and attaching and pressurizing the manifold.. that will be another post. I've been a bit distracted with wanting to get the nursery started, so in case she comes early there will be a reasonably clean and safe place for her.

<-- To illustrate how not-clean, and not-in-any-way-safe, the room we're planning for the nursery used to be.. here's a shot from when we first bought the house. A hubcap makes a great baby toy, right?!

This is what the room has looked like for most of our time here.. It's the sun room off the kitchen, which has been functioning as a catch-all storage place and the home for the litter box.

Most recently, it's evolved into our clothes drying area/mud room. The washing machine is right where I'm standing to take this picture, and it's also right by the back door so when we're soaking wet from riding home, our rain gear can be stripped off and hung right up.

Ultimately, the space will be a stairwell between the first and second floors of the house.

This is the view looking back out towards the kitchen. The big window faces south, so it's a favorite hang-out spot for the cats, who can usually find a patch of sunlight somewhere in there.

The door on the left of this picture leads into our bedroom, which also makes it a pretty ideal spot for a nursery

And this is from the bedroom doorway looking back towards the window. It's a small room - 6' x 9' - but babies are pretty small, so it seems like it should work fairly well.

The door in this picture leads out to the back stairs, but hasn't opened since the foundation was done. That's not a problem, because there's another door just on the other side of that little wall. When we redo the kitchen, we'll be getting rid of one of the doors, although we've gone a little back and forth about which one will be going away.

Everything in the room found a new home, and I headed back in with my handy bucket of bleach and cleaner and gave it a good scrubdown. It was last scrubbed before we moved in, and wasn't too bad except for over the doors and the floor.

Because every wall in the room is being either removed or replaced within the next year, it doesn't seem worthwhile to re-drywall. My plan is to cover the walls with fabric to get a nice clean, solid surface.

Here's a sneak preview of the fabric.. which will be a project for another weekend

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