Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Begone Foul Tanked Water Heater!!

Now with our super-fab tankless Rinnai water heater working awesomely we can get rid of our old home-despot special tanked water heater.
Finally eeked out some time to discombobulate our old tanked water heater.

Here is is in all its ugly space-hogging glory. Check out the sweet shelf the foundation contractor made for it...more on that later.

Since the damn thing was full of 40 gallons of water we had to drain it first. It takes a loooooooooong while to drain 40 gallons of water for some reason. I used the hose and watered everything that needed it and then filled some watering cans but still there was a ton of water left so I had to let it pour out into the street drain.

Here it is kicked to the curb and awaiting the first Craigslist scrounger to grab it. It only took a day and poof it was out of our lives forever.

Here's the space left by said water heater.
The shape of the platform reminded me of something...

Yep a go-go girl cage!!! I think my days of dancing in cages are waaaaaay past but it was a fun picture to stage.

I starting knocking apart the platform and was confounded by these humongous structural screws that the rocket surgeons used to put the thing together. Luckily our impact driver made short work of them. Think I'm going to save them for when I need to build a wooden bridge or something.

Nother thing that I loved about this platform was the fact the the legs were sunk 2" into the concrete floor!!! It was super fun getting them out.

Check out how much space we got back after removing all that crap!! I swear I think that's the best reason to go with tankless. We just got back a coat closet sized amount of space. Believe you me in a Victorian you need every bit of closet space you can get.

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