Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tons O' Professional Design Ideas

Or, The One With All The Pictures...
Here is a huge compilation of design ideas that the design professionals at Winnans construction came up with. Starting from their first ideas to what we think we've basically settled on.
First stab at our kitchen from them. Checked floor very 50's.
Ugh white trim...

Top floor, floor plan not so very different than our idea.

Don't like the tub where it is. Tasha's bath is a bit smaller and now we can get to the storage area.

Some renders-the dressers in front of the built-in bench didn't make sense to us. We want as much built-ins as possible.

First stab at the 2nd bed and bath.

Still with the white painted wood...

Another try at the kitchen...and the deck not having stair down.. Didn't like the table here cause its not in the good view area.

Here's a very different idea for the top floor. With only one bathroom..which we expressly said we did not want...

Some renders of the alternate universe plan where we want to share a bathroom with a teenage girl.

First stab at the laundry area.

This is getting better with wood cabinets and paperstone countertops. Not sure about the deck stair thing. Or the beveled counter near the spiral stair.

In this one the booths were flipped so that the back of one will act as a back splash for the new sink location.

Here's a another different idea for the top floor. Irene didn't like how the bathroom was so big and the weird mini-hallway to the closet. I also didn't like how the toilet is damn near the bed...

Another kitchen iteration. We're not sure about the placement of the prep sink. The designer does not want it on the stove wall cause she thinks it will be in the way of the flow...we haven't decided yet.

Slightly different master bath setup with different closets in the laundry area.

Like the great big reading nook with built-in storage on either side. Not sure about the new smaller steam shower not big enough for two to sit and take a steam.

Tasha's room and the laundry area with venting skylights. We're hoping that we can use big enough skylights that we can pop them open at the end of a hot day and whoooosh all the hot air will fly out of the house.

This is the final kitchen idea. The deck is not settled and the placement of the prep sink is not either. Now how different is this than what we started with?...answer...not much...

Final top floor idea with the king and queen closets, the secret door to the storage area. How different is this from what our original idea was??? How many differences can you find kids?

Some renders of the final design for the top floor.

Renders of Tasha's room. Notice the built-in bookcases and dressers.

Final exterior plan. Don't we have a weird shaped house? That's why we like it. I think that with the swoops on the new dormers they're going to look pretty original to the untrained eye.

So we went thru a lot of time and a lot of iterations to end up with final designs that are barely different from what we started with.... I guess that's the way it works. The designer did add a couple of things to each design that we didn't think of and those touches made the design better.

Next up the trade walk thru and the 'presenting of the budget'....


Anonymous said...

That is one problem with design software, it is so easy to change things. Raher than talk with you and think things thru, designers just throw things our and overwhelm you with ideas. Some of which are, simply put, just garbage.

Jaz said...

Wouldn’t it be great to have a professional designer remodel your kitchen with high quality, solid wood cabinets without paying tens of thousands of dollars?