Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ghetto Carpet Make Over

Or, how to make your hallway look decent in an afternoon for under $100.

We've been super busy on the house trying to get a ton of stuff done before our 2yr housiversery this July 1st....so we've been really behind in posting pretend this was posted on July 1st....

So here's what our hallway looks like after we pulled up the area rugs we've been using to hide it for the past 2years... Gross huh....

We decided to replace the rugs with a runner from Home Despot. Here's a shot of the helpful OAG (orange-apron-guy) measuring out the 25ft of runner we calculated we needed.

This was also baby's first trip to home depot you can only see the back of the sling and Irene in this shot. Whew 25ft of runner is pretty long no?

Here's me trying to figure out how to lay the runner out.

For some reason I was thinking runners were 3' wide but nope this runner is only 2'-8" wide leaving a gap on the edges.

Here's the secret for a super-fast ghetto makeover!! Don't use tack strips and glue and what not.....just get some short screws(so you don't drill thru the radiant tubing stapled up under the floor) and screw the carpet down!

Here's me screwing down the carpet.

Don't the screws look classy on either side of this transition?

The finished entryway with a new grey carpet. No Shoes Past the Grey Carpet is the new house rule. Henrietta is checking out my installation.

Here's what it looks like finished. Its much easier to vacuum now. Before the stupid dirty-nasty area rugs would get sucked up by the vacuum. The couple inches on either side is still kinda gross but hey we think it looks a lot better.

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