Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Mulching We Shall Go....

We've been super busy on the house trying to get a ton of stuff done before our 2yr housiversery this July we've been really behind in posting pretend this was posted on July we had this done before our 4th of July party.

So apparently you can call tree services and get them to deliver you free much. It saves them the time of trucking it to the transfer station and it saves us the hassle of buying some.

The truck backs up and dumps its load....this was apparently from a large pine tree and their shredder must of been set on large...cause we got bigger chunks than I was picturing and lots of needles...

And here's our pile!

Here's Irene and the baby spreading out the she using a pitch fork? What could possibly go wrong?

And here's what mulch looks like spread around! Super exiting no???

Actually it smells like Christmas so that's a nice feature...Irene read somewhere that the pine needles would keep weeds from growing....that would be thing that worries me....once this stuff dries out isn't it going to be one big layer of kindling? One dropped cigarette and won't the entire thing go up in flames?...oh well at least it smells nice...

Simultaneously, Irene put down this clear plastic tarp to kill the weeds in the backyard. No chemicals for these hippy gardeners!

Close up shot of the 'plastic tarp of weedy death' doing its thing.

And here's what it looks like after a week in the sun! All weeds baked to death!

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