Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shade and Space

First the Shade

Since the big tree fell we've realized one thing...our cool, slate gray-green outdoor living room is a fricken oven in the summer....holy mackerel does it get hot out there now. Pretty much direct southern exposure until about 4pm when the neighbors trees start to shade it a bit. I guess on the bright side we can finally grow tomatoes, peppers, basil, and citrus in the backyard...

We knew something had to be down before the 4th (yes this is a waaaaaaaaay late post) and our annual BBQ. We hit on the idea to buy a shade sail. This one is called a coolaroo...say it out loud its fun coooool-la-rooooooooo

With some eye bolts screwed into our massive deck beam (6by 10) and two lines out to the fence we were in business....well it didn't really go that fast but I forgot to take pictures of all the intermediate steps.

turns out, you gotta pay attention to the directions to get it to hang correctly...I only had to adjust two mounting points but it hangs pretty well and provides good shade. I just hope it doesn't pull the deck off the house or the fence down....

Now For The Space
We've also spent a ton of time organizing our 'stuff' on the bottom floor. This entailed lots of shelves and unpacking lots of bins.

This may not look like much but the shelf the helmets our on is new and the shelf next to the window is new and loaded with tools! The heavy bag is new good for taking out work stress constructively.

Here's a long shot of the shop area. Just look at all that space! No big piles of lumber taking up half of it.

See no lumber! Some other stuff though but no lumber! Anyone need a tornado fire pit? Only slightly about two 10' tall metal tulips that shoot 20' balls of fire? anyone?? anyone??? Beular?....Beular???

We even put up a hook to hang our work coveralls up on! And the shelf next to em...very well organized I must say.

Check out our big new shelving unit on casters! This thing was a costco special and its super nice. Its seriously beefy with each shelf capable of holding over 1200 pounds! And its on wheels so you can move it around easily. Next to it under the window is one of our stainless steel tables we got gifted. Fits in their perfectly and holds some heavy tools on the bottom shelf.

Ya, I know, goofy post, but it feels good to be able to finally take all the house supplies and tools that we were storing on the top floor and move them downstairs where they will actually be used and have room for them. Maybe its a guy thing but a well organized tidy shop makes me a happy boy.

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Dad said...

If I say "please" would you come to my house and put up shelves?