Friday, July 10, 2009

Storage! Storage! Storage!-Lumber Rack

Besides 'stuff' we have acquired waaaaaay to much building supplies..just check out the photos below. We have a giant stack of lumber in just about every room that would fit it..

Here's the big stack of 2by4's in the main shop area.

Here's a big stupid stack of house siding, plywood, sheet metal, and random dimensional lumber.

Then outside under this tarp we have a huge pile of 2by6's, more siding, a bunch of beefy framing lumber, and some ipe from the deck we built at our old house.

Way too much lumber piled all over the place. We decided that if we had one single nice place to store it that we could save a lot of indoor space. We came up with a simple ladder type design and decided to put this lumber rack in the back corner of the yard.

With plan in hand I cut all the wood ahead of time. With all the wood I was going through I was worried that there would be none left to put on the rack! A worry that turned out to be unfounded unfortunately...

I next set up a station so that I could glue and screw the uprights together. We had a bunch of PL premium laying around so I used that. Its supposed to be super strong and water proof. I don't want this rack collapsing if it gets wet.

Action shot of me working on the uprights.

I let the uprights dry for a day before I attached the cross pieces. I set up a simple jig with some saw horses and glued and screwed the two outside pieces first.

Then I squared up the frame and held it in place using bungee cords and clamps and glued-screwed the rest of the uprights.

Here's a picture of a finished uh,...rack? The racks are 3' wide and built 4 of them that I plan to space out to 12'.

I reused the 'clear plastic tarp of planty death' under my rack. I am going to attempt to keep what ever is on the rack dry and I didn't want moisture coming up from the ground. I was worried about making sure all the racks were aligned with each other in all dimensions cause if they were not they wouldn't support the wood properly and the wood could get twisted-deformed from the rack. This part was not super fun and it was oh, 100deg in the backyard at the I sure do miss that big tree...

With all the racks aligned I screwed 2by6's to the top and both sides to lock the racks in place. The rack seems pretty strong with a reasonable amount of shear strength. Here's me loading the rack from the lumber in the outdoor pile. I probably spent more time sorting the garbage wood from the good than I did actually loading up the rack.

But now look!! ALL the wood from everywhere, that's worth keeping, is now neatly stored on the rack. Hurray!! We can actually get to different types of wood without having to dig through a humongous pile of wood! Its all sorted and ready to go for our next project!! I was able to bring the tarp all the way up on the back and part of of the way up on the sides. I will put another 6mil tarp over the top of this so that the wood will actually stay dry!

Here's another beautiful shot of the rack from the side. There's even room for all our metal, plumbing supplies and the bits of 'nice trim' I'm saving for some unknown reason... I feel like I could open up my own neighborhood lumber yard!


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