Thursday, July 9, 2009

Storage! Storage! Storage!-Shelves!

Help We are drowning in 'stuff'!!!

Ever since the 'giant tree blowing down incident of '09' we've been crowded for space. We just hurriedly moved everything from the tent, that we didn't chuck, into the spare 'bedroom' downstairs. The downstairs of the house is just full of much we decided it would be a good idea to build some storage for all the stuff....stuff, stuff, stuff...

I'm dumb and didn't get a decent picture of the room full o crap but just imagine that the entire room looks like this small section and you'll get the idea.

I decided to use up some of our spare lumber and build big massive shelves along one wall in the downstairs bedroom. The idea here was to build all this stuff without buying new almost worked but I ended up buying a box of lag bolts...but that's it. Since the framing is open I decided to use it as part of the shelving, bolting ledger boards right to the walls.

Here's a shot of all the ledger boards installed. These shelves are extra deep at 3' So hopefully we will be able to store a ton of stuff on em.

Then I went thru our wood piles and pulled out all the checked, crappy wood I could find and cut it into shelf boards. And began screwing it to the ledgers.

The bottom two shelves are meant to hold the super heavy-beefy stuff which is why I used 2by material for the shelves. Here's a shot of both bottom shelves done. I had enough scrap 3/4" plywood laying around to do the top 2 shelves. I did screw in an intermediate stringer to support the ply as 3' is too far for it to span I thought.

And voila the shelves are almost filled. I decided to leave the shelves on the right double height for light weight tall stuff. It worked out pretty good for the big Halloween stuff. I pretty much was able to pack everything from the storage tent onto these shelves! and then some. Heck its practically a built-in I can put doors on it and call it a closet.

And here's what the room looked like when we were done. Along the right I built a storage area for the all the dang sheet metal we have acquired...its so floppy-joppy that it can be a pain to store. The clamp on the 2by4 can be moved in and out to accommodate different thickness's of stored metal and it keeps the large sheets from flopping over.

Going to have to come up with a project that uses a lot of sheet metal...

And here's what it looks like now after my bday present was installed....think my wife is telling me something by giving me an exercise machine for my 40th bday? Hmmmm..... we put the baby in her vibro-chair while we are working out and she contentedly falls asleep and lets us exercise...ya right...

In the area by the back door (where the spiral staircase is supposed to go some day) I decided to build some more shelves using the same methods. I wanted somewhere to put the outdoor stuff. The chairs, coolers, gardening tools, stuff like that.

And here's what it looks like finished....actually this is taken after the 4th so all my nicely put away stuff has been yanked out and put outside for the party. Imagine this neatly packed with stuff if you will...The gardening tools go in a rack formed by the shelves and ledgers, not fancy but it keeps the tools upright and the garden dirt out of the shop area.

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