Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Have an Attic Office Greg Brady Would be Proud of!

At least that's what our friend Mark said when he saw it....

The front room of our house was getting a little bit crowded with all our computer stuff and all the baby stuff...something had to change! Especially since we are having the nanny-share here 3 days a are we going to fit two babies plus a nanny in this room? Answer..we're not! We decided to move all our home office stuff upstairs and devote this room to strictly baby stuff.

First, we had to clean up the top floor....We had already moved all the tools and house supplies to the bottom floor and now we just had to go through the wood we were saving and keep the good and be brutal and toss the old. That rats nest of wiring on the lower right was all the old scary wiring that I pulled out. They didn't use any bushings at the metal boxes and the wire was chaffed through at all the boxes!! Hello fire!

After we cleaned everything up we decided that we needed to go around with spray foam and fill all the large cracks-gaps-crevices where the roof didn't really meet the walls. There was a pretty stiff breeze blowing in through all the cracks and we knew we were going to freeze our buns off come winter. It took three cans of spray foam but I think I got all the big gaps. There still is some spots that could use some caulk but with the windows closed theres no breeze so that's going to be a big improvement.

We sorted all the wood and stashed in on the other side of the knee walls. Here's a shot of the room all cleaned up and ready for carpet.

Before we put in the carpet we needed to install several circuits for the office. We installed an overhead light with a switch at the door, two 15 amp circuits to outlets (so we can run two seperate space heaters or the AC) and one 15amp circuit for the computers.

Here's me wiring the computer outlets.

And magically its all done! We got a good deal on GFCI outlets so we used those...especially cause I'm not sure how dry those outlets under the window are going to stay.....lotta daylight coming in, in that area...You'll notice that the light is in fact working!

While I was doing the electrical Irene tackled the super-gross job of cleaning the door to the attic...we never cleaned this side cause well.. the attic was just storage but now the attic is officially going to be clean (shoeless) space so some cleaning was in order. Remember the black smudges are from the previous owners unwashed hands touching the door trim as he went in and out of the room....years of old man hand funk...bleh

Yummy! Nice contrast with the white paint underneath no?

We also re-foamed our lame-o chimney patch job. We also installed this high-tech water catchment system...We're hoping it won't leak so much this year but if it does this should funnel all the drips into one easily changeable more having 36 containers spread around to catch all the random drips...we're just going to have to make sure we keep an eye on it as a single container will fill faster.

We bought some more cheap-a$$ Home Despot carpet and put it in.

After several hours of hauling things upstairs and Irene making a window shade outta an old Jack Skellington bed sheet (so ghetto) we're done!! And it already looks like we've been there a while with stuff everywhere.

What home office would be complete without a twin size air bed, a globe bar and a make-up station! Not ours that's for sure! Maybe this could be a guest room for one brave soul...they'd have plenty of booze to keep themselves warm that's for sure.

Using some 1" gas pipe that was left over from the 'great gas pipe' experiment I made a closet rod for all of our winter coats. They were taking over the coat rack at the front door and making the space feel crowded. Like the reflection from my motorcycle leathers?

Here's the home office from another angle showing my already messy desk. We had to install an AC unit in the window as its summer time and MAN does it get hot up here....Wow, with no insulation and the sun beating down the little shed dormer roof just radiates the heat. Check out my cardboard and duct tape air diverter! Classy!

And finally, The New Babies Room!!! We got room for the pack and play, the crazy swing, the nursing chair, tons of baby toys and those cool padded cubes that make great seats for adults or blocks for kids. Of course Tiny is staying where she's at. She likes to watch the kids...


Mom said...

I agree. Greg Brady WOULD be proud of your attic office. It looks great. You two are amazing people. Can't wait to see all of you.

Dad said...

Pretty impressive!

minnie said...

what?! you didn't make a dress out of that old jack skelington sheet?! *shocked*