Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gone a little goofy with the fabric

Remember how I said I might staple some fabric up on the walls in the kitchen to make it look even more finished?

Well, I went ahead and did that

I suppose this added a few bucks to our cheapo kitchen renovation, but it was the fastest, most pleasant drywall experience I've ever had!

We actually had people who've never been to our house walk in the room and say "wow, nice kitchen" without even hearing the background of what the house was like before, and what we want to do to it, etc. Just any normal kitchen!

So naturally, I couldn't stop there.

<-- This is the living room before I splattered fabric all over it

<-- Here's an in-progress shot

Basically, I folded over the edges and shot 'em with the pneumatic stapler. You'd think a pneumatic stapler would be something you'd want to keep FAR away from a house with a baby in it, but Natasha slept right through most of it. The only thing she didn't like was attaching the hose to the stapler.. even the compressor kicking in didn't really bother her.
Oh wait.. wrong blog ;)
You're here to see the house..

And voila! You'd think we have walls back there!

The fabric in here doesn't lie as smoothly as the wallpaper-looking job in the kitchen.. but I only had a limited time while the baby was napping and I don't really mind the curtain-y effect..

The wainscotting in the hall needed to be 3/4 wall height in one spot where the lathe showed though the plaster. The rest is a low wainscott which looks sorta like we might've just done it because it looks cool. Not because our friends' 2-year old stood in the hallway and grabbed a chunk of peeling paint that is, conveniently enough, at exactly toddler eye level. No.. nothing like that..

And it's unanimous. Even the cat approves.

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