Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its That Time of the Year Again!!!

Its Starting to Get Spooky Around Here!!!

This year we're back with the Haunted Pumpkin Patch. You see, it seems that some crazy person decided to grow pumpkins in an old abandoned cemetery. This disturbed those interned there-in and strange things have been happening ever since....sometimes, people say they see the scare-crow moving on its own, or hear his plaintive cries to be set free by the unwary so he can once again wreck havoc on the land of the living. Or, they hear frightening ghostly whispers surrounding them once in the graveyard. If you get close enough you'll even hear our lazy gravedigger snoring as he takes a quick break from digging graves. But, be careful that you don't get too close, because what he's burying isn't all the way dead.....yet... In fact the unrest of the spirits was so great that it opened a portal to the underworld where nightly demons fly about looking to drag the unwary down to their doom.

Check out this super spooky shot of the Haunted Pumpkin Patch at night...

Some insane Halloween baby cuteness to balance the spooky.

Spooky graveyard full on! This year we changed things up a bit and the scarecrow is up on a cross and in the far back you can see our new addition, a sleepy grave digger snoozing on his shovel.

The front of the house has been taken over by spiders!!! Lots of big creepy spiders and cobwebs. They've even caught a giant fly! You can't see it in this shot but along the side of the house we have a new scene. Its a Hellhole with demons that fly around over the flickering flames of the pit! You can also see the rats on the stairs making a reappearance this year.

Just another neat shot, this time along the side of the graveyard. Doesn't the Scare-Crow look menacing? Wonder what he'll do this year?

Here's one of Irene's famous arty shots looking through the lock. I like how it frames the sleeping grave digger. On Halloween night a red spooky light will be emanating from the grate.

Ending with another impossibly cute Halloween baby pic.

You're invited to come on down and enjoy the show Friday the 30th and Saturday the 31st. Come from dusk on, we'll have hot spiced cider and treats for all.


Shae said...

did you win did you win??? you crazy kids had it down the NEXT DAY. crazy

irene said...

the contest is still going on, but it seems like one of the other houses are cheating.. every time I refresh the page their vote count is going up :(

If you haven't voted yet, you still can here: