Friday, November 20, 2009

Its Time to Poop

Or get off the pot!!!!

Or the one with all the words and no pictures.

Visited our local building department recently to ask about how long permits are good for....

There's apparently a new rule. Permits are good for three years from their issuance date period. No exceptions, no way no how! I even pulled the outta work and new baby card and they wouldn't budge!

What that means is, that we have till October 2010 to final all our permits or they expire and we'll have to pay the fee's all over again and go through all the permit B.S. all over again!

The permits we have outstanding are, the foundation-entire bottom floor, the downstairs bath (which is on a separate permit don't friggen ask me why) and the radiant heating system...

Finishing all that stuff up is going to require a lot of time and money....I figure we have till spring to decide whether or not we are going to keep the house and get started on those permits.

The permit situation dovetails nicely into what's been going on with our design-build contractor. They've been sending me bills asking for the remaining balance and they are starting to get testy using words like 'past due' and what not. They're nuts if they think I'm going to pay them their final $2500 without them completing their punch list!

I finally got our project manager on the phone and we had a nice conversation about what deliverables we were waiting on. It was great where we had a difference of opinion where she was saying they owed us more than I thought! How often does that happen.

What's left on their punch list:

  1. Complete design review plan set printed out, 3 copies each.
  2. PDF and Chief Architect files of design review docs.
  3. Complete permit ready plan set, printed out, 3 copies each.
  4. PDF and Chief files of complete plan set.
  5. Their infinitesimally detailed project budget.

This is for the plans for our 'dream house' the plan that is so expensive it will never be built!

What we plan to do over the winter is send out the permit plan set to as many quality framing only subs to have them bid the work. We will have them bid the 'shell idea' where they redo the roof, the earthquake retro-fitting, and all the changes in the exterior walls (changing windows, removing doors, changing doors etc). We will see what numbers they come back with to help guide our decision on what to do next.

If the costs with us GC'ing it and subing out the parts we can't/don't want to do are reasonable then we will seriously think about staying here and doing the dream build.

If reality bitch-slaps us in the face and we find out that we can't even afford to do the above we have yet another option.

Our design build firm is working up a quote to redo the entire process with our super pared down version of the house. They say it should only be an incremental cost because they already have the house drawn and we are not changing the exterior at all.

Super Pared Down Plan:

  • No changes to the roof other than a complete tear off and reshingle-saves a ton in carpentry costs and no expensive earthquake retro-fitting.
  • No bathroom in Tasha's room...she'll have to go downstairs.
  • No changes in the exterior windows in kitchen area and removal of just one door.
  • With no changes in kitchen area windows that means we go back to a simpler smaller kitchen idea.(and therefore cheaper) But we are still going to move the interior wall.

Now, if after all this and us GC'ing the project we still can't afford it, or it would still put us into the house for waaaaaaaaaay more than its worth, well then....we'll cry a lot until we figure out what to do next. We can always just pull the plug on this place and sell it as-is and try to buy a place that's 'done', but if you've read any of my 'knifecatching' posts you'll know that we apparently have very specific needs that are hard to meet.

I would like to have a nice livable house by the time Tasha is really running that gives us like 1.5 years...

So, that's the plan so far.

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