Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chez Neumansky 2009 Top Ten List

Ya I know you're totally sick of top ten lists by now but hey, 'tis the season right?

So, in the spirit of the end-of-the-year season here's the Chez's top ten favorite/significant things that happened here this year.

10. This wasn't really a fun thing but a significant thing for sure. Our neighbors wonderful humongous Boxwood Alder tree falling in a storm and narrowly missing crushing us and our neighbor!

9. Cleaning up the attic and moving all our office stuff up there so that we could create a baby safe room on the main floor.

8. Dan took up the sport of 'Knife Catching' and caught a lot of flack about it.

7. Tasha's 2nd Burning Man was great fun for everyone! With no one going up in flames and no one getting arrested!

7a. All the super-fab low-budget ghetto make overs we did on the house.

6. The Super Great 4th of July party we had.

5. We FINALLY, FINALLY got the heat up and running and inspected after many, many, many months of work.

4. Halloween was the biggest, bestest, cutest Halloween Ever!

3. We discovered how much it was going to cost to have professionals redo our house and almost had heart attacks when looking at the number.

2. Learning how to pre-date posts so it looks like we got our end of the year list done before the end of the year!

And finally could #1 be anything else but...

1. Having a new member of the Chez Neumansky team!!!

Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at Chez Neumansky!!!!

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