Monday, December 7, 2009

Yay! For Caulk!

So, The front porch area of our house is not in great shape. Lots of dry rot and cracks, old caulk failing and paint peeling up or just disappeared all together. We thought it would be wise to do something about it before these humongous storms were supposed to pelt the area.

What we will have to do sometime in the not-to-distant-future is rebuild a lot of the porch with rot resistant wood and proper drainage detailing...we don't gots no money for that right now so we are going to band aid it through this winter.

What follows is several exciting shots of caulking!!! Hold on to your hats kids!

First off, we had to scrape up all the old paint and hardened caulk off of the porch, the stairs and well everywhere. Here I am cleaning the dust out of the porch board gaps with a chip brush so the caulk would have some chance of sticking.

After scraping and sanding and brushing and vacuuming off all the old paint we wiped down everything with denatured alcohol to get things as clean as possible. To hopefully give the primer and caulk a good chance of working.

The local hardware store Pagano's had this white, fast drying acrylic modified latex caulk with a 35yr rating on sale. So we bought an f-ton of it and went to work. I caulked all the gaps in the deck boards along with all the edges of the steps and well everywhere I thought was needed. We went through a ton of caulk. I gotta say, the quick drying stuff wasn't too bad to work with. It did take more water to smooth it out as it comes outta the tube much stiffer than the regular stuff. But it did dry fast enough that I was able to put 2 coats of a quality primer on with enough time for it to dry before the rain hit.

Here's an example of some badly rotted areas that I bandaided with caulk and backer rod. This part of the porch was really dry rotted so I dug out all the bad wood stuffed the hole with backer rod and filled it with caulk. Now at least the water should run off the edge here and not seep into the garage below.

We also caulked the edges of the steps. It didn't really look like there was any caulk applied when these were built...but we caulked and spot primed and put 2 coats of primer on the treads...hopefully it will get us through the winter.

If you look closely at the first picture you can see that these horizontal surfaces are in bad shape. These ledges slope the wrong way so water pools in the corners and they are rotting out! I scrapped off all the old failing paint, sanded it and put a coat of primer on then caulked the bejesus out of it then put on another coat of primer. I admit that I kinda f'd up the last time I painted these stairs as I used a primer not designed for outdoor use and it failed pretty quickly...

Its rained a couple times and the band aid job is holding out pretty well. There is hardly any water seeping through to soak things in the garage.

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